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1. The biochip development which uses the 9G slide and 9G fiber.

2. The development of infectious diseases and cancer diagnostic products which uses the OligoDNA fixation anger technique.

3. BMT provides OligoDNA chips for DNA-Directed Immobilization method on OEM and ODM bases. The DDI chips are designed to immobilize DNA-Linked Proteins, Aptamers, and Small Molecules via ultrafast hybridization at room temperature.

4. The point of care testing biochip and reader development which uses an fluorescence detection technique.

5. The animal virus diagnosis chip development which uses the SNP technique.

6. BMT provides OligoDNA chips on OEM and ODM bases : OEM / ODM DNA chips for detection of HPV, TB, STD, HLA, AIV and whatever you want!
- HPV (Human papillomavirus)
- STD (Sexually transmitted disease)
- Tuberculosis
- Avian Influenza & New Influenza
- HLA (Human leukocyte antigen)
- CSFV (Classical swine fever virus)
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