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Biometrix Technology INC. (BMT), is a biochip company that specializes in making oligonucleotide DNAChips and Genotyping kits for early detection of viral or bacterial infections. BMT has raised a fund from Korean venture investment syndicates and spent its energy in pursuing the major R & D in the field of DNA Testing. Focusing on new technologies, new markets for near patient diagnostic products, and new attitudes of patients and healthcare providers, Biometrix technology Inc. is going forward into the fastest growing sector of worldwide diagnostic industry whose products are transforming the practice of medicine.

The DNA test market for diagnostic tests increases at a phenomenal compounded annual growth rate, and many parts of the world market is growing at comparable rates. BMT’s special 9G DNAChips and 9G Membranes are designed to show ultrafast hybridization of more than 90% efficiency in less than 10 min at 25oC, the fastest hybridization ever reported. The 9G technology guarantees the highest grade of sensitivity and specificity in DNA-DNA binding.
The ultrafast hybridization of 9G DNAChips and 9G Membranes provides a novel platform for DNA-directed immobilization (DDI) of proteins, aptamers and small molecules. We are committed to develop and share the 9G methods and its products for early detection of various cancers and viral or bacterial infections. By further developing our innovative 9G technology, BMT would service novel platforms for the R&D of new biological active materials.
Biometrix Technology Inc.
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